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Some thoughts on writing almost everyday

On September 19th I wrote a post promising myself to write one post everyday. I was at a hype to constantly share something with the world and put my share out there, every single day. In nine days I published eight articles, mostly about Docker Compose, since I was learning about that. Then I got homesick for a whole week, with too much headache to continue on doing that, and stopped :wink:

Composing Docker Environments: Scaling I

Application scaling is the magic trick everyone is talking about. All the cool kids are scaling their environments up and down and using containers. Scaling Docker is not an exact science: you can do it by hand (but please don't) or use orchestration software like Kubernetes or Swarm. Today we are going to see how to scale Docker Compose using a single host :whale:

New experimental setup (text editor and stuff)

Today I will take a break from containers and write a little bit about how I get stuff from my head into zeros and ones. I've been using open source operating systems - a.k.a. Linux - for 6 years and last month I got a Macbook Pro from work and once again I went into the wild searching for awesome stuff to run on OS X :sunglasses:

Composing Docker Environments: Storage

Docker storage is a huuuuuuuge topic. It includes images, containers, drivers, volumes, layered file system and so on. If you want to start mastering your data, this is the right place! :whale:

Quick Tip: Accessing Docker xhyve machine!

Docker is ~almost~ native on Mac OS X. In its later version, 1.12, the team implemented Docker Machine with xhyve by default. But how can I access it? :whale:

Composing Docker Environments: Networking

Web framework? Got it! Database? Yep! Today we are going to see how can we link both services through the Docker network. It can a be pretty simple and quick configuration, but it also exposes a mature surface to be explored. :whale:

Composing Docker Environments: Services, Images and Builds

Today we continue talking about Docker Compose, following by the last post. We are going to lay out a foundation to build our environment, commit by commit, and also explore the concepts of services, images and builds. :whale:

Composing Docker Environments

Docker is awesome, but running containers by hand is awful. You can improve your environment using docker-compose to create multi-container applications.

One post everyday!

I just read Swizec's post on publishing everyday and I got mad.

Avoiding race condition on Docker Compose

When using multiple containers approach with Docker Compose, we often get race condition issues, where the application server depends on the database, but the first one ends up running too early and may break the stack. Here, we're gonna see a Python way to solve this problem.