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Composing Docker Environments

Docker is awesome, but running containers by hand is awful. You can improve your environment using docker-compose to create multi-container applications.

One post everyday!

I just read Swizec's post on publishing everyday and I got mad.

Avoiding race condition on Docker Compose

When using multiple containers approach with Docker Compose, we often get race condition issues, where the application server depends on the database, but the first one ends up running too early and may break the stack. Here, we're gonna see a Python way to solve this problem.


Entre os dias 13 e 16 de Julho de 2016 aconteceu o 17º Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, em Porto Alegre/RS. Esse foi o primeiro FISL que participei, e foi incrível! Falei sobre Ansible, troquei uma ideia com diversas comunidades e dei um rolê pela capital do Rio Grande do Sul!

AWS EC2 Metadata

You need to create a script for sending custom metrics do CloudWatch, separated by the instance name. But this script should be generic and applied in various EC2 instances. How can we know the instance ID or its public IP? We may use EC2 Metadata!

SC Dev Summit 2016

Nos dias 20 e 21 de maio aconteceu em Joinville/SC a primeira SC Dev Summit, realizado pelo pessoal do PHPSC e Front In Joinville. Fica aqui um pequeno resumo do que rolou nesses dois dias!

$ diff life_before life_now

Faz um tempinho que não posto algo, né? Um mês e três dias pra ser exato, mesmo compreendendo que consistência é o um dos pilares para um bom blog. Mas minha vida pessoal e profissional passou por um plot twist gigantesco nestas últimas semanas, tirando qualquer chance de manter a normalidade. Agora com as águas mais calmas, escrevo-lhes diretamente de Florianópolis, contando como cheguei aqui!

FLISOL 2016 Cascavel

FLISOL, Festival Latino-Americano de Instalação de Software Livre, trás ao público um evento com palestras, workshops e exposições do que há de melhor e mais interessante no mundo do código aberto, e em Cascavel/PR não foi diferente. No dia 16 de Abril de 2016, a cidade sediou a sua terceira edição com 17 palestas, 3 oficinas e 350 participantes. E advinha? Pude realizar meu primeiro talk!

Startup Weekend Agro Cascavel 2016

Quebrando o padrão de textos em inglês (ainda farei um blog multi linguagem), hoje lhes apresento o resumo de uma das experiências mais enriquecedoras que tive nos últimos tempos: participar da Startup Weekend Agro Cascavel 2016. Sem sombra de dúvidas, valeu cada minuto do meu final de semana!

Deploying Baunilha with Ansible

Nice way to deploy Baunilha, using Ansible.

Multiple Squid Instances and Multiple Subnets

One of my company's client was running a Squid Proxy/Cache for two different branches with two Multiple Squid Instances bound to two different ports. Everythin was running smoothly, until he opened the following request: I need to track down how much bandwith each branch office is using, if possible, by the proxy internal IP address that must be inside the branch's VLAN. To solve this problem, I now had to run not just in different ports, but also in different IPs going out different gateways. That should be fun, and ineed was.

Baunilha, my first full stack app

Inside joke: me and some friends were drinking and hanging out one night. As it goes, we started to read one of my friend's tweets. He just posts melancholic stuff about life and his pursued lovers, it was so silly it turns out comic. To make them even funnier, we put in Google Translator to be read. The night was over, I can't remember a day that I laugh so hard. This day the idea behind Baunilha was born.

Finally, Zabbix 3

As defined by Wikipedia, Zabbix is an enterprise open source monitoring solution for networks and applications, created by Alexei Vladishev. It is designed to monitor and track the status of various network services, servers, and other network hardware. It is released under GPL and backed by a company named Zabbix.

Ravello Systems REST API

In the last post, I wrote about how Ravello Systems brought a new way of doing cloud computing, specializing in cloud abstraction, nested virtualizaion and L2/L3 networking. Naturally, as a mature application, Ravello also has a REST API that allows to manage its resources in a programmatically way. That is what I'm going to talk about today.

Cloud Inception with Ravello Systems

Playing around with cloud computing is much more fun with Ravello Systems. Why? Just read they description on Google: Easily run any virtual environment lab (VMware / KVM) with any networking topology in AWS or Google cloud without modifications using nested virtualization.

Solaris 11.2 in Vagrant

Vagrant is a tool used to create local development environments as quickly as possible, helping eliminate the "works on my machine" bug. It is also great to test configuration management code, like Ansible and Puppet.

Hey sysadmin, start coding!

I didnt' like to code, I couldn't trust the automation scripts: they seem too fragile, always bugging around when moved between systems and creating an unreliable environment. Setting up everything manually, GUI or console, makes you feel strong, in total control of the process, you know that every mistake can be solved through right away, by poking around in the logs, configuration files and Google Search. Hell, sysadmins love to see things happen, to touch the hardware, to listen that datacenter noise. [Un]fortunately, those dogs days are over.

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One of the first things I learned in Linux was (at the time, unusable) terminal navigation shortcuts. CTRL + P to the previous command, CTRL + N to the next command, CTRL + F to forward one character and CTRL + B to backward one character. Why should I use this if I got a set of arrows just next to my hand?

Install Linux from Network

Installing a new OS from scratch (physical or virtual) sucks...