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AWS Serverless Events into Knative (or anywhere!)

Today we will take over the means of production by extracting the events from AWS, packing them into a well known format and send them to Knative.

Resources From ‘The State of Open Source’ Talk

Hi there! This article has all the resources related to the ‘The State of Open Source’ talk. So you don’t need to crazily take notes while I’m talking 😉

Terraform for a Highly Available VPN between AWS and Azure

Let’s connect an AWS VPC with an Azure vNet using a highly available site-to-site VPN, writing all the bits and pieces in Terraform!

Three Solutions to Run Knative Locally

One problem with Knative is running it locally. Kubernetes is quite heavy, running yet another platform on top of it is a killer. Today we will take a look at some different approaches to test Knative without burning down your computer.

Avoiding Azure Functions Downtime with Slots

What happens when you upload a new version of your Azure Function?

Tools of the Week #3

A Telegram bot for CFP Land ?

Receive a daily call for papers digest from all around the globe. And More!

Python Idioms in Go

Python has ton of sugar and Go tons of simplicity. In this article I’ll go over some Go implementation of Python idioms.

Implementing Dijkstra Algorithm in Go

A thoroughly commented Go implementation of the Dijkstra Algorithm with links to unit tests and other resources.

Tools of the Week #2

Mocking Golang with Interfaces In Real Life

Learn how to do mock testing with Golang and Interfaces with a real life example using one of Go’s Spotify clients.

The Kubernetes Troika

Using three K8S services to deploy virtually any modern application with an external IP address, DNS entry and TLS certificate very quickly. Make K8S your favorite platform to play around with other platforms.

Finding Issues for Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest 2019 is almost there, who’s excited? ??? It’s time to give back to the open source community, win a sick t-shirt, learn a lot of techs and make even more friends ❤️

Tools of the Week #1

A Recipe for Poetry and CircleCI

Making Poetry and CircleCI really good friends ❤️

A Note on Productivity Books

A note. Or a Rant. Or just a sigh.

[Book Review] Clean Code, by Uncle Bob

Way less mystical than I though, way more required than I imagined.

Links da palestra Aventuras de um Nômade Digital

Uma lista de links para Nômades Digitais!

How to add HTTPS to your GitHub hosted blog

Today, Google Chrome said my blog was insecure! That happened because I was running by website over just plain text HTTP. This is how I fixed it.

A Revolução da Comuna 13

Como um agregado de bairros de Medellín foi de uma das áreas mais perigosas do mundo e uma das comunidades mais vivas, solidárias e inovadoras.