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Ravello Systems REST API

In the last post, I wrote about how Ravello Systems brought a new way of doing cloud computing, specializing in cloud abstraction, nested virtualizaion and L2/L3 networking. Naturally, as a mature application, Ravello also has a REST API that allows to manage its resources in a programmatically way. That is what I'm going to talk about today.

Cloud Inception with Ravello Systems

Playing around with cloud computing is much more fun with Ravello Systems. Why? Just read they description on Google: Easily run any virtual environment lab (VMware / KVM) with any networking topology in AWS or Google cloud without modifications using nested virtualization.

Solaris 11.2 in Vagrant

Vagrant is a tool used to create local development environments as quickly as possible, helping eliminate the "works on my machine" bug. It is also great to test configuration management code, like Ansible and Puppet.

Hey sysadmin, start coding!

I didnt' like to code, I couldn't trust the automation scripts: they seem too fragile, always bugging around when moved between systems and creating an unreliable environment. Setting up everything manually, GUI or console, makes you feel strong, in total control of the process, you know that every mistake can be solved through right away, by poking around in the logs, configuration files and Google Search. Hell, sysadmins love to see things happen, to touch the hardware, to listen that datacenter noise. [Un]fortunately, those dogs days are over.

From ← ↓ ↑ → to h j k l

One of the first things I learned in Linux was (at the time, unusable) terminal navigation shortcuts. CTRL + P to the previous command, CTRL + N to the next command, CTRL + F to forward one character and CTRL + B to backward one character. Why should I use this if I got a set of arrows just next to my hand?

Install Linux from Network

Installing a new OS from scratch (physical or virtual) sucks...