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One post everyday!

I just read Swizec’s post on publishing everyday and I got mad.

I got mad at myself because I procrastinate… Let me pause for a while because I just learned something new. I was unsure if I typed procrastinate correctly and I wanted to check it (English isn’t my first language). For the matter, I just started working in a OS X and love the builtin dictionary. Could I use this application with vim? Quick internet search, yes I can.

Where were I? Oh, I procrastinate. A lot. And I get mad because I know what I want and what I have to do, and yet I procrastinate. I learn new stuff everyday and I need just to take a few minutes and write about something.

For now on, I’ll make a blog post every single day.

I may not be an expert or a genius. I may not even know a lot, but sure thing I can share the amazing computer adventures I have each day.

Remember, ever single day.

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