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Recent Talks
Open Source

Recent Talks

The State of Open Source Serverless – Software Circus
Learning Knative with AWS Lambda – ServerlessDays Amsterdam
Batteries Included - PyConZA 2018

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Open Source

How To GraphQL
Python Community Map

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Code in the Dark Floripa - Florianópolis, BR
Python Brasil 12 - Florianópolis, BR
Pyzza Floripa - Florianópolis, BR
The Developers Conference (Python Track) - Florianópolis, BR
Code in the Dark Floripa v2 - Florianópolis, BR
Django Girls - Caipyra 2017
Python Floripa Meetup - Florianópolis, BR
DevOps Floripa Meetup - Florianópolis, BR
Serverless Brasil Community - Online
Python Sul 2018 - Florianópolis, BR
Kids Coding Dojo - Cape Town, ZA
PyConZA 2019 Executive Committee - Cape Town, ZA
Meetup of Meetups – Cape Town, ZA


Cloud Native Engineer @ Container Solutions

Jan/2020 – Present

Designing and implementing infrastructure using cloud native technologies and multiple cloud providers. Kubernetes is my jam.

Software|Infrastructure Engineer @ Nomanini

April/2019 – September/2019 – Freelance

Built a GraphQL service with Golang and gqlgen, implemented Gitlab repositories and CI/CD pipelines and managed their whole Kubernetes infrastructure. Also started an internal weekly Coding Dojo, very fun!

Infrastructure Engineer @ Digsconnect

March/2019 – Freelance

Moved a Django application and its database from a VM to Heroku, implemented CI/CD pipelines using Gitlab, refactor the entire code base to be more compliant with PEP8, developed a Heroku notification bot using Serverless technologies and implemented best coding practices across the organizations (versioning, review process, access control etc).

Software Engineer @ Flickswitch

Feb/2019 – March/2019 – Freelance

Developed integrations between Flickswitch’s platform with mobile cellphone APIs and payment services APIs using Python and Django, focusing on code quality and extensive suite of tests.

Blogger @ PSF

Sep/2018 – Present – Freelance

Writing about Python technology and its community at the Python Software Foundation blog.

Software Engineer @ Stack Builders Inc.

May/2018 – Nov/2018 – Freelance

Worked as a software developer for the Tech Education team at a Cloud communications platform, involved with dynamic code generation, improving their documentation, investigating and fixing issues in their open source libraries and building demos to showcase their products.

Dev Coach / Community Guardian @ Make by OfferZen

Aug/2018 - Dec/2018 – Freelance

At Make we were doing more than guiding people through new and cool technologies, we were enhancing the human side of developers. By creating a respectful, collaborative and fun space, people were able to thrive in their learning experience while connecting with an exciting community of passionate devs.

Software Engineer @ Maecenas Fine Art

Jan/2018 – May/2018 – Freelance

Worked remotely with a distributed team developing a micro service backend and managing infrastructure for a KYC project. The biggest challenge was security, since we were manipulating sensitive information. Technologies used were Python, NodeJS, Docker Swarm, BDD and GraphQL.

Backend Developer @ Cheesecake Labs

Sep/2016 – Jan/2018

Worked together with remote foreign teams to develop and deploy scalable Web APIs. The technologies used were mostly Python, Django, Celery, Elasticsearch, Docker and AWS services. Inside the company, I was always searching ways to improve our culture, assuming the role of blog editor and organizing events in our venue.

Software Engineer @ Mind the Graph

May/2016 – Aug/2016

Redesigned all the infrastructure for the Mind the Graph platform, delivering a secure and high available system with a CI pipeline and a near identical environment for local development. The process involved AWS services (EC2, VPC, RDS, S3, Route 53) and DevOps open source tools like Ansible, Jenkins and Vagrant. While there, I also helped with the Cafundó Academy (internship project) and organized the Code in the Dark event.

Datacenter Analyst @ Constel Technology

Jul/2015 – May/2016

Worked with two high available physical data centers, managing and implementing a private cloud-like solution for clients, using technologies like VMware and Hyper-V for virtualization, Windows Linux and Solaris as base operational systems and Cisco for networking. I was involved in physically migrating one of the data centers to another location, while keeping all our services up and running.

Infrastructure Administrator @ RSANTOS Technology Solutions

Dec/2014 – Jun/2015

In this position I was responsible to architecture and deploy infrastructure solutions in-house for small and medium business. The technologies used were Microsoft and Linux for servers, VMware for virtualization and high availability, Cisco and Dell for networking, EMC storage, Zabbix for monitoring and Fortinet/Sophos for security.

Infrastructure Administrator @ Alliant IT Consultant

Aug/2012 – Jul/2014

Worked with design, implementation and maintenance of data center related technologies, such as servers (Windows, Linux) and their services (DHCP, DNS, VPN, AD etc), Firewalls (pfSense, Fortinet), Virtualization (Xen, VMWare) and Networks (Cisco) for small and medium business.

Technical Support I @ Mascarello Bus Ltda.

Aug/2010 - Aug/2012

In this position I was part of the support team, helping users with PC related issues. Also, we were responsible for maintenance in printers, Linux servers and basic networking.


Analysis and Systems Development @ Cesumar University

2015 – 2017 – (Incomplete)

Computer Science @ Anhanguera University

2014 – 2015 (Incomplete)

Information Technology Technical High School @ Pedro Boaretto Neto High School

2009 – 2012

Courses & Certifications

Kubernetes CKA
Kubernetes Web Development with Golang Programming Language by Todd McLeod
Learn How To Code: Golang Programming Language by Todd McLeod
AWS Serverless APIs & Apps by Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Apache, Nginx and Varnish by Coruja de TI
Basic Asterisk by Lytux
CCNA Network Preparatory by DLTec Brasil
Cloud Computing by Coruja de TI
FortiGate UTM
High Availability Clustering By OYS
Linux Hardening by OYS
Performance and Tunning Linux by Coruja de TI
Programming Fundamentals in C and Assembly by OYS