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A Telegram bot for CFP Land ????

Hello there!

A couple of months ago I made a Telegram bot for the amazing CFP Land platform ???? They list call for papers on conferences all over the world, send a weekly newsletter with new hot events, and also have a paid platform to organize your CFPs if you apply a lot! Pretty neat ????

Well, the bot is divided in two:

CFP Land Bot

An actual bot, which you can talk to. Kinda talk. It responds to some commands, like displaying all the CFP???s categories available or sending a list of the latest call for papers. Click here and say hi!

Screenshot of the CFP Land Bot

CFP Land Channel

A Telegram distribution channel, where I send a daily digest of their new CFPs. Just join here and wait for it!

Screenshot of the CFP Land Channel

As a quick note: the bot was running a couple of months ago but I totally over-engineer it over time. I got scared after adding lots of unnecessary infrastructure that I gave up 🙁 BUT yesterday I decided to rip it off and give it a second chance.

Also, the project is open source ???? You can check the code here. There are a lot of improvements, like docs to run locally and unit tests. Maybe one day :3

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